SyberVision Innovation Presents

The Most Powerful Toilet Plunger You'll Ever Own

Remove the Toughest Clogs with Jet Engine Technology!

Don't plunge it—JETPLUNGE IT! Only $29.95

It took more than four years and three generations of prototypes to create the most POWERFUL ergonomically designed and technologically-advanced household plunging system ever.

Made with anti-microbial additives, you won't find a safer, more sanitary plunger for all your toilets, drains, and sinks.

The Jet Plunger® System includes two different sized pressure domes, so you can tackle the toughest clogs in any household drain and toilet.

A quick push or two is all it takes to quickly and effectively clear any clog-with no splashing or mess.

The Jet Plunger puts all other household plungers to shame. You'd have to pay a plumber over $75 to do what the Jet Plunger® does in only a few seconds.

Don't delay, order your Jet Plunger now!


How to Use Your New Jet Plunger

The patented JetPlunger uses jet engine, high-pressure, air compression technology to remove clogs that once only a an expensive plumber could remove.

1. Place the plunger bell in the toilet.

2. Simply pull up on the JetPlunger handle. This creates a vacuum in which air enters the Jet Plunger cylinder.

3. Then, by pushing down on the handle, the air is compressed to 70 cubic inches of pressure— enough to remove 5 rolls of wet toilet paper— and is targeted at the clog material.

4. With only one or two compressions, the most difficult clogs are removed.

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Get Out of the Stone Age.
Order Your New JetPlunger Now!

You already know from your own experience that ordinary plungers don't work very well. Plus, they're disgustingly filthy.

When you plunge, the water often spits back in your face. Then, when you're done, where are you going to put the bacteria-laden plunger?

And, in some cases, because the plunger doesn't work, you have to call in the plumber, with an average cost of $75, to fix the clog.

Your JetPlunger investment is only $29.95. And, it can be used to unclog toilets, sinks and shower drains.

Don't delay. Order your JetPlunger today so in a few days it can be in your home ready to work its magic. With JetPlunger, you'll never have to worry about a clogged toilet or sink again.     $29.95. In Stock.

         JetPlunger Benefits

  • The JetPlunger uses highly targeted "Clog Breaker" compressed air technology to attack stubborn clogs.
  • Its ergonomically designed handle makes it easy for people of all ages to deliver a large volume of air to quickly & effectively to remove clogs.
  • It's an environmentally safe way to remove clogs without the use of chemicals or gasses.
  • Mess free & easy to use. No backsplash in your face.
  • Comes with a hands-free hygienic cover to keep the bell out of view & your floor dry & clean.
  • Constructed of high strength plastic with anti-microbial additives to help promote a more hygienic way of fighting clogs.
  • Cost effective.





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